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Introduction to DumbleDAO


Inspired by the great Dumbledore, who was a legendary collector, DumbleDAO aims to acquire the largest collection of high performing passive yielding NFTs on the planet.
Each $DUMBLE transaction will incur a 5% tax for the DAO Treasury. DAO Owners will vote on which NFTs to purchase, and the yield will be split up between token holders.


  • DumbleDAO is not a company. It does not have a management team or employees. DumbleDAO is a collection of builders and stakeholders who hold $DUMBLE tokens and are motivated to make the project a success.
  • Anyone can propose NFT purchases and upgrades for DumbleDAO . $DUMBLE token holders will vote on whether to approve or reject these proposals.

Why DAO? Why be a $DUMBLE token holder?

DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is a structure used by many crypto projects. Typically DAOs require key actions (such use of treasury assets, or changes to the project code) to be proposed and approved by token holders.
DumbleDAO is a DAO governed by $DUMBLE token holders. Through the proposal and voting process $DUMBLE token holders will determine the actions and direction of DumbleDAO. $DUMBLE token value is correlated to the success of the community and the NFT assets acquired by the DAO Treasury.
Anyone can propose NFT purchases, partnerships and product upgrades for DumbleDAO. $DUMBLE token holders will vote on whether to approve or reject these proposals.

Proposal and Voting

How do I propose and vote?

At this time proposals can be communicated to the team through the Telegram channel or Discord server. Proposals that meet the criteria will be selected for a vote. During the development phase votes will be conducted on Twitter and shared to Telegram Discord and Reddit. Anyone within the community may cast a vote for the time being but plans to build on-chain governance are underway.

Social Channels

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